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Volodymyr Yaremchuk was born in a small miner`s village in the Ukraine on the 8th of March,1962. His birth was predicted by a wanderer who came to his grandmother`s house. At the age of 8 years Volodymyr with parents had moved to the Crimea (Ukraine).

His extraordinary abilities where shown even in the childhood, but at this period he did not pay enough attention to them. Only a few years later he realised that he had an unique gift. After finishing the secondary school Volodymyr was called up to the army. Moreover he had already known what kind of troops it would be. His military service was in Germany. Then it was studying at The Riyazan (Russia)airborne college. Having studied there for three years he suddenly heard a voice spoken from heaven, which ordered him to quit his studying. He obbeyed and left the college. After that he had to prolong his military service in the army.

Later Volodymyr became a masseur and worked at one of the crimean sanatoriums. A misterious voice from heaven did not leave him leading and helping all the time.




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